Miltton’s mission:

to create the best communications in the world for Nordic companies and for international brands in Finland and in the Nordics

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More is more in employer branding

Is a strong employer brand actually, or at least partly, the result of a strong corporate brand? One thing is for sure though; an employer brand is a complex phenomenon, built by different kinds of messages and experiences and in different contexts.

    Miltton Showcase 2016, Friday 13 May

    It is showcase time! Miltton opens its doors to Finnish marketing, communications and public affairs professionals.

      4 learnings from Sustainable Business Day

      Leading professionals at Sustainable Business Day 2016 in Stockholm, the largest arena for sustainability in the Nordics, seemed to agree on at least one thing: the ball is in the private sector’s court to make sustainable development a reality

        Miltton recruits Johannes Schulman to further develop expertise of capital markets and company reorganisations in communications

        Miltton is founding a new subsidiary, Miltton Markets.  Johannes Schulman, an expert on Finnish and Nordic capital markets, will be the managing director. The subsidiary will add to Miltton’s portfolio of financial communications, focusing especially on strategic financial communications, capital markets, and changes in a company’s present state, as well as related associated services.

          Supply chain sustainability calls for stakeholder engagement and transparency

          The private sector undeniably has a crucial role in driving sustainable development, as is also evident in the new UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to improving their own performance, companies are increasingly held accountable for social and environmental impacts further up in their value chain. This is justified, as the scale, risk intensity and development opportunities are often greater in the supply chain.

            The Hungry Dragon – Trends and opportunities in China

            This report is based on interviews with leading Chinese experts and researchers and looks into the future trends of China as it enters the next phase in its long history. The new China will offer many possibilities for Finnish companies in many sectors.

              Closing the wage gap (saw it on TV)

              Last year we heard some great news about TV show revivals, the X-Files reboot one of the most exciting. The show centers on two FBI agents, Mulder and Scully, solving intractable mysteries and uncovering devious conspiracies. They form a partnership of equals, their qualities complementing each other perfectly. Nice illusion, right?