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Kaisa Soro-Pesonen appointed as Managing Director of Miltton Brussels

Kaisa Soro-Pesonen has been appointed as Managing Director of Miltton Brussels, subsidiary of Miltton Group, starting on 22 January 2018. With Soro-Pesonen’s appointment, Miltton Brussels will expand and diversify its service offering on EU analysis, advocacy services and expertise for both Finnish and Nordic customers.

    Sustainability, the new normal of successful brands

    In the era of increasing demands for sustainable business practices, the traditional approach to branding and marketing seems in need of repair. If your business destroys nature or does harm to human beings, people won’t like your brand no matter how high-quality or fashionable it is. They start looking for better, more sustainable options. “Good is the new cool,” as Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones say in their recently published marketing manifesto.

      Miltton Insights VII: Corporate Advocacy – What Finns, Swedes and Estonians think about companies taking a stance

      Miltton Insights report series continues with a wide research that dealing with companies’ public stands on societal issues in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The Corporate Advocacy report has an undisputed result: people want companies to take part in societal discussion – even when the topics are strongly divisive.

        Call for papers: Miltton’s Thesis Competition 2017

        Does your master’s thesis have something to offer in the fields of marketing, communications or leadership? Have you found something new and exciting? We want to hear about it. Miltton is looking for the brightest minds of the year, who are able to research, to concise, and to perform while bewitching our esteemed panel of judges.

          Which of the contemporary leadership challenges bugged you today?

          It seems obvious to me that work is not working as it should, and that is independent of the context, the sector, and the hierarchical position of the customers I meet. I believe the leaders in any organisation have key roles to play in creating a sustainable working climate. To do so, they need to face (at least) five contemporary leadership challenges.

            Jarkko Konttinen appointed as Managing Director of Miltton Creative

            Jarkko Konttinen (MBA) has been appointed as Managing Director and partner of Miltton Creative. Miltton Creative specialises in creative marketing and is a subsidiary of Miltton Group, the fastest growing marketing and communications agency in the Nordics. Konttinen will further strengthen Miltton’s expertise in creating meaningful marketing communications, with a special focus on customer experience. With the lead of Konttinen, Miltton Creative will seek growth and broaden its service portfolio further.

              Lotta Nymann-Lindegren appointed as senior advisor of Miltton Brussels

              EU specialist Lotta Nymann-Lindegren (M.Soc.Sc.) will start as Senior advisor at Miltton Brussels, which is a subsidiary of Miltton Group. She will be stationed in Copenhagen. Miltton Brussels offers comprehensive chain of services specialising in EU monitoring, decision-making and public affairs consulting to serve Nordic and Finnish companies’ interests at all levels of the decision-making process. Her appointment will further deepen Miltton’s expertise in EU advising and strengthen the Nordic public affairs service offering.

                Elina Moisio joins Miltton

                Elina Moisio (M.Soc.Sc.) has been appointed as partner and Senior advisor at Miltton Networks, starting on 1 October 2017. Previously Moisio has worked as Special Advisor to the Minister of Environment, Ville Niinistö and to the Minister of Labour, Anni Sinnemäki. The appointment strengthens Miltton’s abilities to analyse the constantly changing business landscape and ensure that sustainability is an integrated part of organisations’ everyday functions.

                  Miltton Insights VI: The death of the chameleon

                  The newest publication of the Miltton Insights report series, The death of the chameleon,  focuses on perspectives on employee experience and employer image, the two cornerstones of employer branding.

                    A team of top experts to help Nordic companies make sense of Trump and Brexit

                    A team of top experts and industry players have joined forces to establish a new management consultancy helping Nordic companies to navigate in the disrupted western marketplace by analyzing the ruling forces and scenarios that are realigning the world. The newly established company is called Nordic West Office and it is a subsidiary of Miltton Group. The CEO of the company will be Risto E.J. Penttilä, the former CEO of Finland Chamber of Commerce. Kristiina Helenius, the former CEO of Amcham Finland will be heading the U.S. Operations.

                      Organisational change beyond the organisational chart

                      Have you realised that it is fairly easy to make a structural organisational change? You take pen and paper, draw boxes with lines in between, show the new organisational chart to the organisation and then you’re done. A new, more self organising, flexible, or customer focused organisation has supposedly been created. Yet an underlying challenge remains unaddressed: by only changing the structures, the hierarchical ways of communicating stay, and create invisible boundaries for the intended organisation to become reality.

                        Tom Wright joins Miltton raising technology and creative production high on Miltton’s agenda

                        Miltton Group has appointed Tom Wright as Head of Technology and Production. He will also be leading Miltton’s in-house content production team. Wright will further strengthen Miltton’s expertise in creating innovative brand experiences.

                          The vast majority of Finns are willing to pay higher prices for responsible products and services

                          According to a recent survey by Miltton, the largest communications group in Finland, three out of four Finns would be willing to pay more for responsible products or services. The survey, conducted annually since 2015, gives insights into Finnish consumers' views about the importance of responsibility in consumer habits.

                            Miltton welcomes Maria Wetterstrand to strengthen its service offering in sustainable affairs

                            Miltton Group introduces a new subsidiary, Miltton Purpose. Nordics’ leading sustainability expert Maria Wetterstrand will be the Managing Director and partner of Miltton Purpose with a goal to ensure that sustainability is an integrated part of Nordic companies’ leadership agenda.

                              Diversity drives Nordic business growth

                              Diversity is an asset and embracing diversity is – in addition to being an asset – a powerful way to fight racism.

                                The Scenario Project by Miltton and Finland Chamber of Commerce Offers Prospects for Finnish Companies in the Turning Point in Geopolitics and Economy

                                Miltton and Finland Chamber of Commerce are launching a joint scenario project that aims at decreasing the uncertainty caused by the current situation in the world politics.

                                  Ville Kopra appointed as Chief Economist of Miltton Group

                                  Finland’s largest communications agency group, Miltton Group, has appointed Ville Kopra as its Chief Economist from 1 April 2017.

                                    Mari Saarteinen appointed as senior advisor of Miltton Brussels

                                    Mari Saarteinen (M.Soc.Sc.) will start as the senior advisor of Miltton Brussels, subsidiary of Miltton Group, the largest communications agency group in Finland.

                                      To win in employer branding, be both consistent and bold

                                      Successful employer branding combines the solidity of professional corporate communications with visionary storytelling that’s rooted in the work community’s reality. By blending both, it can endure the toughest part of the task – the channel, which is anything but controllable.

                                        Multiplatform storytelling

                                        "Social media have evolved to become very different from each other in terms of format and type of interaction. Today brands use as many as five or six different platforms to communicate with their audience", Larisa Topalo discusses her research.

                                          How to build a stronger employer brand in 2017?

                                          What’s the #1 piece of advice we'd like to give a company building a stronger employer brand in 2017?

                                            Petra Thorén appointed as Managing Director of Miltton Markets

                                            Petra Thorén will start as the Managing Director and partner of Miltton Markets.

                                              Join us at the World Employer Branding Day 2017

                                              Miltton is a country partner for World Employer Branding Day, an event that is expected to bring together more than 350 employer branding professionals from over 40 countries in Budapest, Hungary, on the 27–28 April 2017.

                                                The Fear Report from Trump’s America

                                                A personal, opinionated, thoughtful and slightly sarcastic view from the “under reported” and seemingly less media interesting parts of America by an American who lives in Finland. Two days after the election our Digital and Social Media Specialist Stephen Lee traveled back to his hometown in Cleveland to see how America had reacted to the historic win.

                                                  Slush Shanghai highlights for the Helsinki event

                                                  The countdown clock has been ticking for a while and now it’s finally Slush o’clock! We got our fair share of Slush energy and inspiration in late October from Slush Shangai, so here's our favourite highlights from Shanghai and topics to follow in Helsinki.

                                                    Eeva Kalli joins Miltton Networks as the new Managing Director

                                                    Eeva Kalli will be appointed as the new Managing Director of Miltton Networks. Miltton Networks specialises in public affairs, and Kalli will strengthen Miltton’s competencies in both fields domestically and internationally.

                                                      Miltton Group expands to the Baltics

                                                      Miltton opens an office in Tallinn to establish a strong regional presence in the world’s third largest economic market – the countries around the Baltic Sea. The agency is focused on strategic communications, with the goal of helping Estonian and Baltic companies grow.