14,000 voted on Finnair’s aircraft of the future

To mark the 85th anniversary of its founding, Finnair joined the aircraft manufacturer Airbus and other industry experts in envisioning what flying would be like in 2093. The visions were published as a book and as an internet website in November. In a competition launched in March, people had to opportunity to vote on which aircraft of the future was the most captivating and to present their own visions of what the flying of the future might be like. The competition attracted a total of 14,000 entries.

The prize for the best vision, Finnair flight tickets between Europe and Asia, was won by Dattatray Kuvalekar from India. The emphasis of Kuvalekar’s vision was on individuality: “Every passenger will have their own capsule docked to a larger vessel. Passengers can therefore select the interior design and colours, the temperature of the air and food to suit their own tastes.”

The Departure 2093 future book has also been a new phase in the cooperation between Finnair and Miltton. Miltton has been in charge of the concept and visual design of the book and website.