About us

Miltton is an ambitious, forward-looking marketing and communications group that produces, develops and improves the efficiency of communications, marketing and networks across the society. In an increasingly complex world, Miltton assists companies in discovering and building their global citizenship, to leverage the power of networks, and to empower employees by taking them on as partners.

Our mission is simple: to create the best communications and marketing for Nordic companies internationally as well as for international brands in the Nordics.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of industries and society at large, yet we provide our customers with a fresh, creative approach to their challenges. Our rapidly growing international team consists of corporate, diplomatic and academic heavyweights as well as generation Z luminaries.

Our integrated services

  • Public relations
  • Marketing communications
  • Showroom
  • Corporate communications
  • Investor relations
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Branding
  • Employer branding
  • Research & insight
  • Public affairs
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Community relations
  • Content marketing
  • Fundraising & corporate cooperation
  • Media training
  • Issues management & crisis communication
  • Advertising
  • Digital design

With our expansive offering, we have a unique perspective on the complexities of the Nordic public and private sectors. In these spheres of activity, change – often of a dramatic nature – is an indisputable fact. But change is part of our DNA at Miltton: we understand it and see it as a powerful opportunity.

The big picture

annual growth in 2016
languages spoken fluently
euro sales 2016

offers a complete range of marketing and communications services. The company’s wide offering includes corporate communications, brand communications, marketing, PR, social media, corporate responsibility, research, strategic communications, investor relations, sponsoring and fund-raising.

Miltton Brussels offers a comprehensive chain of services, including monitoring decision-making and lobbying our customers’ interests at all levels of the decision-making process, from EU policies to national implementation. Our advisors are professionals in both EU and national policy, as well as in business culture, and assist companies in taking advantage of the potential offered by effective EU public affairs. Miltton Brussels is an office that Miltton has formed together with the Danish agency Holm Kommunikation.

Miltton Creative combines Miltton's communications expertise with creativity, strategic insight and omni-channel thinking. The fast-growing team has extensive social media, digital, event marketing and advertising experience and an enthusiasm for emerging media and changing customer behaviour. Miltton Creative provides full-service marketing communications for digital and real worlds.

Miltton Labs is located in Stockholm, Sweden. An integrated part of Miltton's service portfolio, it is an innovative product development laboratory, developing digital, scalable tools that help great ideas to reach the right audiences. With a team of more coders than consultants, Miltton Labs is on a quest to change the world of marketing and communications by being born digital, born global and born design.

Miltton Markets extends Miltton's communications, public affairs and marketing expertise with extensive knowledge and experience of capital markets and investor relations. Miltton’s market team helps create a credible investment case and equity story and helps deliver the successful completion of M&A transactions, funding, share offerings and IPOs. Furthermore, the team also fulfills the subsequent communications needs of listed or non-listed companies with external share / stakeholders, including communication related to ongoing disclosure obligations and IR.

Miltton Networks is the leading actor in the Finnish public affairs sphere. Its core services consist of first-class knowledge of the governmental decision-making process, identifying political risks and opportunities linked to our customers’ businesses, and strategic counselling in public affairs. Miltton’s public affairs activities are transparent, innovative and integrated with customers’ overall communications.

Miltton Nordics is the first player in the market with an understanding and service portfolio especially tailored to support Baltic organisations in the Nordic market, and vice versa. Miltton Nordics serves organisations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as provide insight and consultation to Miltton Groups’ clients in other markets.

Miltton Purpose adds to Miltton’s portfolio of sustainability consulting, focusing especially on delivering first-class strategic CSR consulting ensuring that sustainability is an integrated part of Nordic companies’ leadership agenda. Miltton Purpose serves customers in Nordics as well as provide insight and consultation to Miltton Groups’ clients in other markets.

Miltton Showroom is a ‘lifestyle lounge’ in the heart of Helsinki, where our customers’ brands meet journalists, bloggers, stylists and other trendsetters.

Miltton Sparks helps customers deliver on their promises and meet strategic challenges. Miltton Sparks also develops organisations, leadership, teams and people through consulting, training and coaching. Our experts use state-of-the-art insights on human and organisational behaviour to help turn desired changes into actual behaviours.