Bear necessities – 50 interviews on Russia

Miltton has published an extensive report on the opportunities for Finnish businesses in Russia. The report, titled “Mahdollisuuksia epävarmuudessa – 50 haastattelua Venäjästä” recounts the billion-euro opportunities in Russia identified by Finnish companies, despite the escalated situation.

The planned heat reform, various projects in the Arctic as well as the industrial modernization of Russia are all promising examples, and investments are even more attractive than previously, despite the current crisis.

This report compiles in one document how Finnish companies view Russia in the grips of a security policy crisis and an increasingly gloomy economy. Uncertainty is the best description of the situation, but there are also opportunities to be found, and Russia should not be abandoned even in an atmosphere of crisis.

The approach of the report is realistic: risks and threats are in no way understated.

This report builds on the absolute top Finnish expertise. In the thousand-page interview material 50 Finnish influencers and experts on Russia paint a diverse and ruthlessly realistic picture of Russia and its economy from a Finnish perspective. The views of politicians, officials, researchers and businesses are compiled around the theme of opportunities.

Should one take the risk in Russia? Expand or leave? Export or produce in Russia? Many answers are presented.

An executive summary in English can be found here.

The entire report in Finnish is here.

Bear Necessities