Brand new marketing communications agency to open in Finland

A group of marketing communication professionals are joining Miltton to strengthen its marketing communications, advertising, digital, and creative design services. Harri Hännikäinen, Sampo Axelsson, Mikko Hakkarainen, Olli Sirén, Tuomas Tofferi and Mira Träskelin will develop Miltton’s marketing communications offering into a global benchmark.

In recent years, the communications industry has taken huge leaps forward while the world of advertising has developed very little. Miltton has Finland’s strongest vision of marketing and communications. When that’s combined with creative advertising, an understanding of digital channels and trends, we have the opportunity to build something very unique. We were compelled by Miltton’s ambition, entrepreneurial spirit and hunger for growth,” says Olli Sirén.

Miltton’s ambition is to be the best agency for Finnish and Nordic companies as well as international brands in Finland. This has meant establishing a presence in those markets where Finnish companies are experiencing the strongest growth, as well as developing an extensive portfolio of services to include corporate responsibility, corporate cooperation, investor relations, marketing, public affairs and other services.

Marketing communications, advertising and digital services are important development areas for Miltton and we have now found the best team to develop our expertise. Establishing a leading ‘advertising agency’ as part of a PR agency is an unforeseen development in the Finnish market – but it’s also a rare development within the international marketing and communications industry. For Miltton, however, this is a very natural progression,” says Mathias Järnström, the CEO of Miltton Group.

The new team will work as part of a newly established subsidiary, Miltton Creative, which is owned by Miltton Group and with the aforementioned team as partners. Through this new venture Miltton Group now consists of Miltton Oy, Finland’s leading PR and communications agency, which was established in 2001, as well as three subsidiaries: Miltton Networks, Miltton Singapore and Miltton Creative. Fredrik Heinonen, the Chairman of the Board of Miltton Creative and partner at Miltton Group, emphasizes that the success of Miltton Group rests upon the seamless integration of all its companies:

There is only one continuously growing and evolving Miltton, which employs approximately 90 marketing, communications, PR and public affairs professionals. We are now faced with the positive challenge of deciding which kind of agency we should identify ourselves as.”


Mathias Järnström, Miltton Group, 0400 738 002,
Fredrik Heinonen, Miltton Group, 040 55 00 281,
Olli Siren, Miltton Creative, 040 7644 288,

Miltton Group is Finland’s largest communications agency, whose subsidiaries are Miltton, Miltton Singapore, Miltton Networks and Miltton Creative. The group employs about 90 professionals, and its gross margin in 2013 was approximately EUR 8 million, an increase of about 30% from 2012. Miltton Group is owned by the investment company Norvestia listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, CEO Mathias Järnström and three employee shareholders.