For Miltton, people are crucial. Our employees stand for enthusiasm and the expertise running our business.

Welcome to Miltton. We describe our working environment with adjectives such as busy, inspiring, creative, funny and innovative. We are over 200 passionate people, speaking thirteen languages fluently, including Swedish, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Bulgarian, Greek, sign language and Finnish. Our backgrounds are in media, politics, research, design, engineering, sports and publishing, just to name a few. Our average age is 31.9 and the employee satisfaction in 2015 was 7.9/10.


Languages spoken fluently

At ours you will not find any predefined career paths, but opportunities to put in your best, working with varied communications challenges with our broad network. We work, for example, with developing client relationships, project management, concepts and texts, expert counselling and graphic design. We focus on achievements and value initiative and self-leadership as well as willingness to step out of your comfort zone and challenge the status quo. Most of all, we appreciate a drive to win together.

“For Miltton, people are crucial. Our employees stand for enthusiasm and the expertise running our business, while our alumni, customers and cooperation partners stand for a network combining business and industry, politics, marketing, fashion, research, culture, sports and the third-sector. In an increasingly complex world, our people improve the efficiency of communications, marketing and networks across the society. Lean in!”

- Mathias Järnström, MD and owner



We are today one of the fastest growing marketing and communications agencies in the Nordics and our building project continues by constantly looking for new talents. Could you be the right person for us? Or do you know somebody who would be?

If you would like to join Finland’s fastest-growing agency, send us an open application here.

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