Diversity drives Nordic business growth

Diversity is an asset and embracing diversity is – in addition to being an asset – a powerful way to fight racism. Generally speaking, I believe that the more there are positive encounters and experiences with diversity, the less there is room left for prejudice and racism.

I also think that diversity is one of the most public secrets behind Miltton’s growth. Over the past seven years that I have been with the company, during which we have grown from 40 to over 200 persons, I have personally witnessed countless situations, in which we have succeeded thanks to diversity. Just as an example: when a client wanted to know, which animals are globally considered child-friendly and carry no explicitly negative connotations in any country, it certainly helped to have colleagues from different cultural backgrounds to collect that insight.

So personally, I have experienced that I can deliver more to my clients when I can consult colleagues who speak 12 different languages, have studied in I-have-given-up-counting-how-many schools or were self-educated, were born or have lived in dozens of different countries, are in their positions regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, have their cultural background scattered not only in all corners of Finland but the world, represent or have represented all political parties, and are yet to finish their studies or have returned to working life once already retired, to pick just a few aspects.

Problem solving and creative thinking are in the very basis of what we do here at Miltton. A need to take different standpoints into consideration is becoming more and more an everyday scenario as our clients increasingly come from – and do business with – different cultures and markets. As small yet well-educated societies, the Nordics need intercultural competence to grow: not just intercultural representations and illustrations, but skills, willpower and experiences. In fact, being a Nordic agency offering integrated services, how could we even integrate anything if we were all cut from the same cloth?

And that’s just the business side of the story! There is a whole another story on the positive effects diversity can have on the human aspects of a working community!

On behalf of Miltton, I wish everyone a good International Day for the Elimination of Racial DiscriminationEuropean Action Week Against Racism and Week Against Racism by the Finnish Red Cross.



Jukka-Pekka Myllys, Partner, MD of Miltton Oy

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