Elina Moisio joins Miltton

Elina Moisio (M.Soc.Sc.) has been appointed as partner and Senior advisor at Miltton Networks, starting on 1 October 2017. Previously Moisio has worked as Special Advisor to the Minister of Environment, Ville Niinistö and to the Minister of Labour, Anni Sinnemäki. The appointment strengthens Miltton’s abilities to analyse the constantly changing business landscape and ensure that sustainability is an integrated part of organisations’ everyday functions.

Moisio has a strong background in politics, labour market organizations, and in municipal policy making. Before joining Miltton, Moisio worked as Senior Adviser at the trade union confederation Akava. Moisio has also worked as Special Advisor to the Minister of Environment Ville Niinistö, to the Ministers of Labour, Anni Sinnemäki and Tarja Cronberg. In addition, she has worked as the group special adviser to the green minister group. She has a seat at the Helsinki City Council and has been a member of the city council, the city board, and various board divisions since 2004.

“The constant change in our operational landscape does not only challenge our clients, but also us. Therefore, we are continuously developing our services, and reinforcing our team of experts with talents like Elina. When having her political experience as one of the leading green strategists, her expertise in labour market and city politics as well as her charming personality, our strategic advising will reach new heights”, says Eeva Kalli, the Managing Director of Miltton Networks.

Moisio has broad understanding of the changes in the working life, and holds valuable insight about the changes in business landscape and managing demanding stakeholder expectations.

“Sustainable leadership and communication requires that companies are one step ahead in predicting wide-ranging societal developments. I believe my experience will strengthen this perspective and develop it further. I see Miltton as a big community, that helps companies break down the artificial silos between communications, public affairs, marketing, and their core business activities. I’m excited to be part of the most interesting communications and marketing expert organization in the Nordics”, says Moisio.

Miltton’s public affairs experts form a solid network of specialists in Helsinki, Brussels, Stockholm and Tallinn and Washington.

Additional information:

Eeva Kalli
Managing Director, Miltton Networks
+32 44 355 4400