Employees: the new pillars of corporate communications

On Wednesday April 15th, Miltton organized a speed-dating event under the theme of employer branding. The main subject of the event was the building of an employer image as a part of social business brand.

”The integration of marketing and communications has already begun within companies,” says Advisor Pelagia Wolff from Miltton. “The next step is for HR to approach this combination. Employer communication is no longer just a matter of communicating perks and good team spirit. In addition to clarifying its role in society, an organization needs vision and strategy, expressed by the employees through concrete stories.”

Six tables, each representing a distinct theme, were chaired by Miltton’s experts. The themes were: life cycle of employer image and reputation risks, the power of social media and brand ambassadors, employer image during co-operation negotiations, conceptualizing and storytelling, responsible HR, and recruitment communications.

In accordance with speed-dating etiquette, participants rotated amongst the tables over the course of the event. The importance of individual employees as communicators came to the fore during the conversations.

At the event, Timo Niemi, head of planning at Miltton, spoke about a multi-channel approach and the conceptualization of the employer image. “The voice of the personnel is the strongest channel in building an employer image as well as in measuring its effectiveness,” he explains. “An authentic voice always outdoes companies’ formal communications. The question is: What kind of world view must a company nurture to make people feel it belongs to them and is worth sharing?”