Finnair’s visions of the future of flying well received in international media

Finnair’s 85th anniversary celebration of the future of flying has received great interest all around the world. Departure 2093 – Five visions of future flying was first published as a book last November and has been later extended to a website, videos, music, tactical marketing and other communicative channels.

In 6 weeks print articles were issued in over 1000 international media, including Frankfurter Allgemeine, BBC radio, Korea Times and Hindustan Times. At a press conference in Delhi 50 journalists with a print coverage of over 200Mio readers attended the event. Today Google gives 17, 400 hits for “Finnair 2093”.

In times of sector and economic unease, an optimistic and creative view has been seen as a great vehicle for PR and attention. The interest has not been limited to only commercial business and for instance the South-Korean government invited Finnair to discuss their views as the country was planning its strategy for 2068.

The Departure 2093 future book has also been a new phase in the cooperation between Finnair and Miltton. Miltton has been in charge of the concept and visual design of the book and website.

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