Finns are super-helpful when it comes to technology

New, surprising research by Miltton shows that the otherwise reticent Finns are extremely helpful to each other when it comes to learning how to use new everyday technology.

In the last month, four out of five Finns have helped someone else in the use of home appliances, home entertainment devices or information technology.

Most often it is relatives and friends who receive help; over half of all Finns have helped a relative, and two out of five have helped a friend with everyday technology in the last month.

One out of four Finns helped a colleague, but only one in ten offered help or advice to a neighbour.

It was the youngest who were most helpful; three out of four Finns aged 15-22 have helped a relative and three out of five have helped a friend. However, in helping neighbours the young are as reluctant as the older Finns.

Most frequently help and advice are offered in the use of computers, internet connections and mobile phones. Two out of three Finns have helped someone with their computer and internet connection, and half of all Finns have helped or given advice to another person in the use of their mobile phone. One in four has helped someone with home entertainment technology.

Computers, the internet and smartphones are also the new technologies and services which are perceived to offer by far the greatest improvements to the everyday life of ordinary Finns.

One thousand Finns aged 15-70 participated in the survey, which was carried out by research product provider Cint.

Author: Erik B├Ąckman