Graphic Designer of the Year Jesse Auersalo to join Miltton: art and design a competitive advantage for Nordic companies

Miltton has appointed Jesse Auersalo as Design Director. Auersalo is one of Finland’s most recognised creative designers internationally, and in joining Miltton he will further strengthen the company’s expertise in creating brand experiences.

Jesse Auersalo is a Finnish designer, illustrator and artist known for his bold and unique style and has claimed his place in the international art and creative scene. Having worked in New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Berlin and Tokyo, Auersalo’s client repertoire includes brands such as Colette, Google, Diesel, Nike, Sony Music, Microsoft, Converse, Playboy, The FADER, Nokia, Maison Margiela and Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation.

Grafia, the Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland, recently named Auersalo Graphic Designer of the Year 2015. The title is awarded for productive work in the area of graphic design and for increasing the level and appreciation of Finnish graphic design.

In the past year, Auersalo has concentrated on collaborative work as well as concept driven design and leadership. Auersalo’s versatile skills will offer opportunities for Finnish and international highly creative brands at Miltton and raise the level of clients’ creative expression in diverse areas from spatial design to services and marketing-communications.

Miltton is constantly developing the understanding of its field of business and through this also supports the success of Finnish companies abroad. “Auersalo has paved the way for Finnish graphic design worldwide. He will further strengthen the tools that Miltton has for building world class marketing and communications solutions,” says Miltton Group’s CEO Mathias Järnström.

”Design has become an increasingly central part of creating a brand experience. Nordic brands have what it takes to excel in global competition by utilising art and design. These tools can make a brand desirable,” Auersalo adds.

More information:

Olli Sirén
Managing Director, Miltton Creative
+358 40 7644 288