Honest and human engagement drives demand

Sometimes you see a Tweet or Facebook message that really makes you say “this company just does not get it”. For me that moment usually comes when a brand says,“ come try my product”. This might work in the advertising world…sometimes… but really does not work using social channels.

Here at Miltton, we recently had a visit from Pär Lager, CEO of Berghs School of Communications. The way he talked about content creation and campaigns was great! He said, “if it feels like an ad, start over.” This is great advice for social initiatives of all types.

The goal of a social campaign should be to start a discussion that leads people to demand your company’s product or service. This can only be done through honest, two-way discussion that develops into a real relationship in which the company does not push the brand or products. Rather the company finds ways to add value to the discussion and makes people demand more interaction with the brand.