How Miltton Labs digitalised Almedalen

The 48th Almedalen week is almost over for this time, and it has been the biggest and most successful one ever. Bigger, more relevant and now also digitalised – thanks to Miltton Labs success app Mingla.

With more than 40,000 people attending to more than 4,000 seminars, mingles, speeches and other events, it has been called Sweden’s Davos meeting. It is located in Visby, Gotland with the most sun hours out of all cities in Sweden. A tiny medieval city on an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea is really a fairy tale setting and ideal for effective events with short distances. So what’s it like to attend the Almedalen week?

The political parties of the Swedish parliament represent one day each during the week. That certain party pretty much controls the media reporting back home to all the millions of Swedes watching, reading and consuming the news: all business and political media reports from Almedalen.

A typical day starts early morning with a breakfast meeting. After that you attend to some seminars and prepare for a lunch meeting. During the afternoon more meetings and seminars are on the schedule followed up by mingles. At 7 p.m. the party leader holds a speech, gathering thousands of listeners to the Almedalen park. During the late evening and night there are more meetings, dinners. And also some partying.

Us consultants from Miltton Labs have attended Almedalen for decades, but this was our first true year as a company. We are now trusted advisors with digital solutions. So how can we make Almedalen even better, more efficient and more relevant? One of the biggest problems with Almedalen is that you don’t know who else will be there. So how do you find other interesting people, how do you connect with them and do it in a fun way? We created Mingla.

Mingla is like the world famous app Tinder but for business meetings. You download the app, log in with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, enter what areas of interest you have and then start swiping other people. Swipe left if you are not interested, swipe right if you want to meet and then wait to see if the other one swipes you right. If yes, it’s a match and you can start chatting. The app is really addictive, fun and at the same time seriously revolutionised the way people meet lowering the barriers for thousands of people.

In two weeks Mingla has attracted more than 4,000 users and 25,000 matches between users. Twitter has been filled with stories about people who got to meet in new, spontaneous and relevant meetings thanks to Mingla. Our big Mingla party attracted more than 1,000 people, and yesterday Mingla won the prestigious prize of Most Innovative in Almedalen 2016. The media attention has also been tremendous with national media coverage in TV, radio, web and print media, because people genuinely love Mingla.

We live in the era of globalisation, urbanisation and digitalisation. Macro trends revolutionise our societies here in the Nordics and across the world, making the world a better place. The Mingla app is Miltton Labs contribution. It was launched in Almedalen 2016, but has the potential to be the new global LinkedIn – only fun, used several hours every day and adding value to people’s lives by creating new meetings. We are trusted advisors with digital solutions, and we’re looking forward to solving more problems in the future.


André Assarsson is the Co-Founder and Chief Digital Officer at Miltton Labs in Sweden. He’s a trusted advisor on digital solutions, and a true political nerd with a firm belief that tech beats politics.

Twitter: @assarsson