How to build a stronger employer brand in 2017?

What’s the #1 piece of advice we’d like to give a company building a stronger employer brand in 2017?

Stick to your story – internal is external.

When building your employer brand, start from the inside. The communications landscape is becoming more transparent, leaving less room for polished glossiness. This creates an opportunity for the organisations that manage to develop a true, yet ambitious, internal employer brand. And crucially, have the ability to empower people to communicate it.

So how do you get a diverse group of employees to feel that the story is true and worth sharing?

Start by listening to your people, then dream big to build a story that is bold and distinctive. Aim for a narrative that is simple enough and based on just a few core themes. Review how these themes are reflected during the employee journey and identify what acts are needed to both amplify and energise. Mobilise your key troops to make sure that behaviour is fully aligned with the message. Then count on your people for visibility. Provide them with the skills, tools and freedom to open up their individual employee experiences. Add some professional marketing and communications for excellency.

Your employer brand is a combination of the employer image and the employees’ experience. Dedicate effort to syncing both communications and leadership. Have confidence that image and experience will strengthen each other, as long as your story is anchored in reality, but built to be visionary.

Miltton is a country partner for World Employer Branding Day, an event that is expected to bring more than 350 employer branding professionals from over 40 countries to Budapest, Hungary, on the 27–28 April 2017.

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