I AM GREEN – Event on Ethical Consumption at Miltton Showroom

Nowadays it is necessary to act in all areas of life according to the values of sustainable development. However, these ways of acting sustainably are as various as there are actors. Miltton Showroom presents companies that act ethically and ecologically via panel discussions and public events during 16.3-25.3.2009.

Venue: Miltton Showroom, Address: Uudenmaankatu 4–6, Helsinki

Open for public:
Tue 17.3. at 12:00-16:00 and 17:00-20:00
Wed 18.3. at 12:00-20:00
Fri 20.3. and Sat 21.3 at 12:00-18:00,
Sun 22.3.–Wed 25.3. at 12:00–20:00.

Act ecologically! Bring your old Nokia mobile phone for recycling and your old clothes for Fida recycling box.

Partners: Ikea, VR, Neste Oil, Aurinkomatkat, Electrolux, Motiva, Nanso, Plan B, Dala Leo, Secco, No Bad, Innocent, Riitan Herkku, MakroBios, Aduki, Green Pan, Ekowine, Weleda, Joutsen, Kierrätyskeskus, The Greendress, Globe Hope
In addition: Nokia, Finnair, Fida, Plan, Kirkon Ulkomaanapu, Kosken Kartano, Costo, Yalo, Remake, Gilles et Dada, Polarn O. Pyret, LauraSTAR, Latva, Cho Cho, Ekobo, Töölö Fashion Institute


Inauguration of the art exhibition:

Tuesday 17.3.2009, at 17:00-19:00

  • Fredrik Eriksson: Images from West Africa –photo exhibition
  • “Plan”sponsorship display
  • Eko-dressmaker’s shop Remake Ekodesign gives free tips for redesigning old clothes

Open for public.


Saturday 21.3 at 12:00–18:00

  • At 12:00 Eco Stylist competition. Lauri Taats from the Maria! Talkshow is preparing the clothes for the competition with the Laurastar ironing centre.
  • At 13:30-18:00 Eco bazaar
  • Recycling workshop by Secco. Design and make your own jewellery!
  • Environment school for dummies by the Recycling centre distributes tips for more environmental friendly life

Please note!
Four stylists who have signed up for the Eco Stylist competition will be given the title ”first ecological stylist of Finland”. Doors are open for public and for the bazaar, as well as for the Secco design & recycling workshop.
Registration: salla.salokangas@miltton.fi

Among the others, the following brands are being presented at the Stylist competition and bazaar: Nanso, Secco, Globe Hope, Dala Leo, Costo, Yalo, Töölö Fashion Institute

Please note! The sewing machine rally of The Töölö Fashion Institute starts at 15:00.

Secco recycling & design workshop

At the Secco recycling & design workshop you can prepare funny products for yourself out of recycling materials.
During the ethical consumption event, Secco offers a free recycling design experiment for the consumers.

Timetable: Tue 17.3, Wed 18.3, Fri 20.3, Sat 21.2,
Mon 23.3, Tue 24.3 and Wed 25.3 at 14-16