Jesse Auersalo & Miltton for Uniqlo

To celebrate Uniqlo LifeWear in 2016, Uniqlo partnered with It’s Nice That and asked four creatives to visualise their garment from a new perspective. One of the creatives to take on the challenge was our Design Director Jesse Auersalo. With Jesse as the Creative Director for the project and our production team (including a storyboard artist, a director, a producer, a cameraman, an editor, a music producer and a model) we created a video that explored the relationship between the body, technology and the world through a piece of clothing familiar to all of us living in the north: a thermal shirt.

“The fabric and embedded technology is the divide between the cold world and the warm body. We are trying to show the world coming through this layer,” Jesse explains the premise of the video in an interview with It’s Nice That.

Read the whole interview on It’s Nice That website.