Join us at the World Employer Branding Day 2017

Miltton is a country partner for World Employer Branding Day, an event that is expected to bring more than 350 employer branding professionals from over 40 countries to Budapest, Hungary, on the 27–28 April 2017. Leaders from many of the world’s top brands, including Facebook, Virgin Media, LinkedIn and Microsoft, will share their views on the key challenges and latest trends in employer branding in the beautiful Budapest spring.

“In the communications and marketing field employees as a stakeholder group are getting more and more attention. Today, companies understand that both employer image and employee experience are top priorities for the corporate brand and business success. Together with our customers we want to be part of taking employer branding to the next level in Finland and in the Nordics. We are pleased to be a country partner of this global industry event providing new ideas, networking and inspiration,” says Pelagia Wolff, our employer branding specialist.

World Employer Branding Day is initiated by the global employer branding authority Brett Minchington, whom we had the pleasure of hosting here at Miltton last year. This was Brett’s first time visiting and presenting in Finland. (Back then we had a chat with Brett on how to build a strong employer brand. Take a look at the video to set yourself on a track towards Budapest.)

If you would like to know more about the event or join us in Budapest, please contact Pelagia at pelagia.wolff(at)