Jussi Kekkonen joins Miltton

Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen’s Special Adviser (Political Affairs) Jussi Kekkonen to make Miltton a leading actor within the field of Public Affairs.

”The distance between political decision making and industry and commerce has grown during the past years. Moreover, the conventions within Public Affairs have become outdated and have also received earned critique. Our aim is to combine Miltton’s energetic, creative and open-minded ways of working with the Public Affairs related needs of the Finnish industry and commerce. We believe that a many-sided and active discussion will become a key part of Finland’s international competitiveness,” explains Jussi Kekkonen.

Miltton is the largest independent communications agency in Finnish ownership within its field. The company’s operations are developed according to the needs of the Finnish industry and commerce related to competitiveness and societal changes. Jussi Kekkonen will act as Managing Director for the company Miltton Networks, which will be founded as a part of the Miltton group. Miltton Networks is owned by Miltton, Jussi Kekkonen and in the future also by other key persons. The goal of the company is to grow fast and actively recruit other key persons within the field of Public Affairs.

”The relative strength between a company’s marketing and communications is changing rapidly. Over the years, we have experienced how the communication is moving from bought to earned channels. This is why we see it as natural to also take a new approach to Public Affairs – companies have to earn their position as a part of society and decision making. In the future, Public Affairs will have a central role in companies’ communications as a whole,” says Miltton’s Managing Director Mathias Järnström.

”Miltton offers me an excellent opportunity to develop something completely new for the Finnish markets. This way, I can combine my societal and political background with the needs of the Finnish industry and commerce as well as with enterprise. In politics, I have always liked challenges, and now Miltton offered me a challenge I couldn’t resist,” Jussi Kekkonen adds.

At present, Miltton employs around 70 persons. Its sales margin for the present accounting period is expected to be around 6 million euro, up by over 30% compared to the year 2010.

Further information:
Mathias Järnström, 0400 738 002
Jussi Kekkonen, 040 50 45 199