#Metahdomme challenge awarded at Grand One

The Grand One Awards jury chose the #metahdomme challenge supporting equal marriage law as last year’s best social media campaign as well as the campaign of the year.

Miltton had the honour to be involved in planning and executing this fresh and courageous campaign together with the Tahdon2013 movement. Through the challenge thousands of people and over 950 companies were able to show their support for the initiative at a crucial moment just before the Parliament vote. The Tahdon2013 movement’s tireless efforts finally paid off, as the equal marriage law became the first citizens’ initiative ever to result in a passed law.

The success of the challenge is a great display of the change happening in the Finnish marketing communications, where companies are starting to actively and openly take responsibility about social matters. #metahdomme is also a demonstration of social media at its best: as a channel for productive societal communications and public affairs.

”On behalf of the whole Miltton crew, we want to thank the Tahdon2013 movement for letting us play a part in the story and achieving this amazing result. Last autumn we were overwhelmed of how open-minded the Finnish businesses were in getting involved in a societal campaign that was not aiming to directly promote their businesses. These organisations understood that being a part of the #metahdomme challenge was the best value communication there is,” explains Mikko Hakkarainen from Miltton Creative.

Read more about the challenge here.