Miltton appoints Jorma Ollila as Chairman of the Board

Miltton Group has appointed Jorma Ollila as Chairman of the Board. In connection with his appointment, Ollila will become a minority partner in the company. Prior to joining Miltton, Ollila has acted as Chairman of the Board of Shell and Nokia, and as CEO of Nokia. He will continue as Chairman of the Board of ETLA (the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy), EVA (Finnish Business and Policy Forum) and Outokumpu. The founder of Miltton Mathias Järnström will continue as CEO of the company.

“Miltton’s role is to help our clients by means of communications and marketing to succeed in their business – anywhere in the world. Our goal is to create Finland’s first world-class communications and marketing infrastructure to cater for Nordic customers in particular,” says Mathias Järnström, CEO of Miltton Group.

Jorma Ollila brings to Miltton an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that Nordic companies encounter in the global market. He will also create a board structure to support Miltton’s growth and internationalization.

“Based on my experience, the market has so far not had a player whose understanding and service portfolio have been built to support Nordic companies in particular. Companies need partners that understand both their needs and the characteristics of the target market. Agencies also have to be able to tailor their services to each client’s specific needs,” comments Jorma Ollila.

Miltton has been building up its international partner network for almost ten years now. Currently, the company works with local partners in around thirty countries worldwide.

Last week, Miltton announced the opening of its Stockholm agency. The new agency in Sweden, specialized in developing new and innovative concepts, is a concrete example of how Miltton aims to advance the whole marketing and communications field.

“Communications and marketing are crucial when a company decides to go global. Miltton’s role in this process is to create the type of thinking that gives Finnish and Nordic players a competitive edge in the global market,” continues Ollila.