Miltton Group expands its operations to Asia

Miltton Group set up a subsidiary in Singapore as a part of their international growth strategy. Miltton Group’s focus is to provide its expertise in modern marketing communications services internationally, with the ultimate objective of becoming the first Finnish-owned international marketing communications agency.

“Finnish brands need a fresh and innovative perspective towards PR communications in order to succeed globally. Our focus last year was to first build our capacity and then to expand our business internationally. This included entering the key markets where our clients are focusing their Asian business activities. We want to provide these Finnish businesses a new way of accomplishing their communication goals in Asia,” says Miltton’s CEO Mathias Järnström.

Miltton Group is the largest communications agency in Finland. Miltton Group is also an independent and domestically-owned full-service agency with an objective to build the first international Finnish-driven marketing communications agency and to further strengthen its pioneering position in the communications field.

“In the past thirteen years, Miltton has challenged the Finnish PR industry to innovate while simultaneously developing new service offerings. In order for us to be an attractive partner and to better serve our customers, we need to be tapped into new trends and are thus able to provide inspiration to our customers. Along with constant innovation we recognize the need to expand our business into new markets. Asian markets provide us with growth opportunities that Finland or Scandinavia alone cannot provide,” Järnström continues.

The Singapore office is Miltton’s first office located outside of Finland. Miltton Singapore combines strong local market knowledge with Miltton’s trademark energy and creativity.

“Strong competition in the marketplace emphasizes the importance of cost effective and innovative marketing solutions. Here in Singapore, we see ourselves in a similar position as when we first started operations in Finland in 2001 – the young upstart challenging the entrenched market players in coming up with innovative and cost effective strategies. Miltton’s strong growth to date has been driven by an open-minded attitude, a humble customer service orientation and listening to our clients. We are executing this same strategy to build our business in Asia”, says Miltton Singapore’s Vice President Maria Vaismaa.

Miltton Group currently employs around 75 people. The gross margin is expected to grow during the current fiscal year, almost 30 % to be approximately 7.5 million.