Miltton Group expands to the Baltics

Miltton opens an office in Tallinn to establish a strong regional presence in the world’s third largest economic market – the countries around the Baltic Sea. The agency is focused on strategic communications, with the goal of helping Estonian and Baltic companies grow.

The CEO of the newly established Miltton Nordics, Annika Arras, has an extensive history in Estonian politics as well as in consulting all over Europe.

“In an increasingly complex and global market, businesses need to have communications in their strategic agenda. This requires know-how and capability. We are the first player in the market with an understanding and service portfolio especially tailored to support Baltic organisations in the Nordic market, and vice versa. To do that, we integrate societal thinking to public relations and earned attention”, says Arras.

Arras’ core team consists of two partners and senior advisors, Martin Kukk and Gerrit Mäesalu. They bring together an understanding of societal discussion and stakeholder relations as well as public relations and marketing. Kukk has formerly served as Secretary General of the Estonian Reform Party and as a Member of Parliament. Mäesalu’s has previously run a PR agency and managed the communications of an Estonian conservative party as well as the Prosecutor General’s office.

Miltton Nordics will be a subsidiary of Miltton Group, the Nordic standard-bearer in creative, integrated communications. Over the past fifteen years, Miltton Group has grown to employ over 150 persons in four countries.

“This is an important step for us. Together, the markets around the Baltic Sea form the third biggest economic market in the world. The Baltics need the same shift to cross-channel thinking that we have seen in the Nordic marketing communications. We need to work together in the Baltics and in the Nordics to grow and develop our region”, says Mathias Järnström, CEO of Miltton Group.

Miltton Nordics will serve organisations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as provide insight and consultation to Miltton Groups’ clients in other markets. The office was founded in September and it started operating at full pace in November.

Further information:

Annika Arras
MD, Miltton Nordics
+ 372 527 6839


Annika Arras