Miltton has the best image in Finland

According to a study by Corporate Image for Markkinointi & Mainonta (Marketing & Advertising) magazine, Miltton has the best image of all Finnish communications agencies. According to the analysts, Miltton leads the field in both customer service attitude and creativity. In addition, Miltton offers its customers the best value for money. Cocomms was ranked second after Miltton, while Hill & Knowlton was number three on the list.

“You have to be humbled by and grateful for such an honour, but not get too comfortable. These matters are weighed in each of our customer relationships every day – and there’s always room for improvement. But the fact remains that we have a fantastically gifted team here at Miltton, as well as the most interesting clients in the country. That is how we were able to reach such a positive result,” says Mathias Järnström, Miltton’s Managing Director.

For Miltton, last year was a strong one. The firm’s sales margin remained on the previous year’s level, at 3.3 million euros, despite the economic downturn. By number of employees, Miltton became the biggest agency in the country; and its stature as the leading independent domestic agency was further fortified. In autumn 2009, Miltton and Finnair received the IPRA Golden World Award – one of the esteemed honors in the world of PR. During the year, Miltton was able to form new customer relationships with a group of top brands, both Finnish and international.