Miltton Insights VI: The death of the chameleon

The newest publication of the Miltton Insights report series, The death of the chameleon, focuses on perspectives on employee experience and employer image, the two cornerstones of employer branding.

What is the relationship between the corporate brand, the consumer brand, and the employer brand? To engage employees, what kind of leadership and culture is needed in today’s fast-paced and complex operational environment? What opportunities do networks provide for recruiting? And how can you use data for steering the employee experience and track the bottom-line impact of employer branding?

Miltton Insights VI: The death of the chameleon seeks answers to these questions, and many others. Miltton has interviewed 23 influencers within employer branding and the report provides their views in ten articles across different themes. In addition, Miltton’s experts on employee experience and employer image look ten years into the future and elaborate on their vision of employer branding in 2027.

The report is available for a free download – just click here.

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Employee experience
Christina Dahlblom
Managing Director, Miltton Sparks
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Employer image
Annina Brandt
Director, partner, Miltton
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