Miltton present at the Career Day of Berghs School of Communication

Berghs School of Communication is hosting a Career Day at its Stockholm Campus today. The event brings together Berghs’ students and Swedish as well as international advertising and communications agencies. Miltton is the only Finnish agency amongst the around thirty agencies that were selected to this sought-after event.

In 2014, Berghs School of Communication was awarded as the Best Advertising School in the World in the Cannes Future Lions competition – and not for nothing. Berghs graduates work at the leading advertising and communications agencies around the world. For Miltton, this is a great opportunity to introduce itself to the future professionals as an attractive employer.

”Berghs is a highly distinguished school that demands a lot from its students. At the Career Day we meet the Nordic countries’ finest: creative talents and strong consultants-to-be. These graduates have the whole world open for them. We need to be able to show them that we are a worthy option. That is the only way we can grow to be one of the top agencies in the world,” says Cecilia Adolfsson, the HR Manager at Miltton.​