Miltton pursues continued international growth in Sweden

Top Swedish names to head the Stockholm agency

Miltton is taking yet another concrete step in its international expansion plans by opening an agency in Stockholm. Called Miltton Labs, the office to be established in Sweden will be headed by Fredrik Andersson, one of the most experienced professionals in marketing and public affairs communications in the Nordic countries.

“Miltton has demonstrated in Finland that challenging conventional thinking may help advance marketing and communications on a broad front. The Swedish market is in transition and in need of a similar shake-up,” says Fredrik Andersson.

Previously, Andersson has won widespread recognition as one of the leading figures of the highly successful Swedish agency Prime. Beside Andersson, the Stockholm office will be managed by Martin Borgs and André Assarsson. When open for business, the agency will employ five people.

“For years now, Miltton has drawn inspiration from Sweden. Now we are joining forces with top Swedish experts to create a digital-age product development laboratory to make a true contribution to the industry as whole,” explains Mathias Järnström, the Chief Executive Officer of Miltton Group.

Miltton Labs will be fully integrated into the existing service portfolio. In practice, this move will make the full range of the company’s services available to a new market.

“All the innovative thinking developed in Sweden will also directly benefit Miltton’s Finnish customers. Equally, Swedish customers will gain access to Miltton’s existing expertise and services. Together, we are ideally placed to offer international customers a strong inter-Nordic approach,” Andersson adds.

Miltton has been building up its international partner network for almost ten years now. Currently, the company works with local partners in around thirty countries worldwide. Miltton’s operates its own agencies in Singapore and Brussels.

Miltton’s goal is to create Finland’s first world-class communications and marketing infrastructure to cater for Nordic customers in particular.