Miltton recruits Johannes Schulman to further develop expertise of capital markets and company reorganisations in communications

Finland’s biggest communications group, Miltton, is founding a new subsidiary, Miltton Markets.  Johannes Schulman, an expert on Finnish and Nordic capital markets, will be the managing director. The subsidiary will add to Miltton’s portfolio of financial communications, focusing especially on strategic financial communications, capital markets, and changes in a company’s present state, as well as related associated services.

According to Miltton’s Chairman of the Board, Jorma Ollila, it is increasingly important for communications agencies to be personally familiar with different target groups and their ways of thinking. Schulman brings this kind of special know-how needed in the communications sector.

“A company looking for growth and development should already include communications in its strategic agenda at the planning stage of their operations, rather than only at the implementation stage. Successful communication requires an understanding of the thinking of all target groups. Schulman is one of the best experts in the Nordic countries to combine the thinking of the investors and analysts with communications,” says Ollila.

Prior to joining Miltton, Schulman, for example, was the MD and member of the board of FIM Oyj and the Nordic MD of Deutsche Bank, based in Stockholm. With the founding of the new subsidiary, Schulman will also become a minority partner at the Miltton Group.

“Miltton has done an excellent job in developing communications and marketing by breaking down the silo effect in society. When we combine Miltton’s experience in communications and societal conversation with my experience and understanding of the capital markets ecosystem, we create a unique and holistic platform service and a new kind of understanding for the benefit of our clients,” Schulman says.

The changes in a company’s present state demand not only strategic financial communications that are planned and implemented based on the target groups’ needs, but in many cases other forms of communications. Marketing and management of societal relations, for example, are also needed before and after the changes.

For fifteen years, Miltton has developed a strong portfolio of corporate communications, PR-based marketing communications, advertising, and societal relations. Miltton Markets, led by Schulman, will now widen Miltton’s integrated portfolio of services with a new foundation.

More information:

Johannes Schulman
Managing Director, Miltton Markets
+358 50 321 7447