Miltton welcomes Christina Dahlblom and expands service offering into leadership development

Christina Dahlblom, experienced leadership coach and consultant with a Ph.D. in Marketing, is joining Miltton Group. This broadens Miltton’s strategic offering into management and leadership development. According to Miltton and Dahlblom, the combination of leadership and communications is a forceful enabler of organisational change and improvements to the business landscape. 

“With its wide knowledge in communications, marketing and stakeholder relations, Miltton is able to offer its clients strategic change management – whether this involves changes in the business environment or to the way a company interacts with its stakeholders. Dahlblom has supported numerous companies and executives in developing leadership capabilities and ways of working. These two perspectives complement each other well,” says Mathias Järnström, Managing Director of Miltton Group.

In recent years, Miltton Group has grown into an all-round expert organisation. The main focus is on supporting Finnish and Nordic business growth by combining strong social understanding with creative thinking.

“Miltton has managed to bring communications and stakeholder influencing to its clients’ strategic agendas. In the implementation of a company’s strategy, what matters most is how things are communicated and how the organisation is led. Society and work life are evolving rapidly at the moment, and most organisations are faced with new demands. These demands are best tackled in an integrated way, using the tools provided by both communications and leadership,” says Christina Dahlblom.

Dahlblom has been assisting organisations over the past 15 years in adjusting to society’s ever-changing needs. She has an understanding of both the challenges and the opportunities that communications create for company management.

“There is no leadership without communication,” states Dahlblom. “Most organisations have understood the importance of communication and many have invested heavily in a well thought-out story. The next question is how to turn these stories into actions – how does strategy translate from theory into practice? What should change in the behaviour of employees and their leaders after a corporate acquisition or a brand renewal?”

Miltton has developed an integrated range of services, in which the ideas and methods offered to its clients are assembled by combining different points of view. Miltton has therefore also been recruiting experts from outside the fields of marketing and communications.

Miltton Group will acquire 90 per cent of the shares of Dahlblom & Sparks. Christina Dahlblom will become a partner in the Miltton Group, as well as Managing Director and partner of a new subsidiary, Miltton Sparks. The new subsidiary will commence operations in August 2016.

For more information:

Christina Dahlblom
Managing Director, Miltton Sparks
+358 50 563 6927

Mathias Järnström
Managing Director, Miltton Group
+358 400 738 002