Miltton welcomes employer branding authority Brett Minchington to Finland

Miltton has the pleasure of hosting an event with global employer branding authority Brett Minchington, who will be presenting his views on the latest trends. The event will take place in March at Miltton’s head office in Helsinki.

This is the first time Brett Minchington has visited Finland. His global footprint has included presenting in more than 50 cities in 32 countries, and training thousands of senior business leaders, including many from Global 500 companies such as Google, Coca-Cola, BP, Unilever, Chevron, IBM, Amazon and Toyota. Mr Minchington is the world’s most published author on employer branding, with three books and more than 100 published articles in newspapers and magazines around the world, including ‘The Economist’ and ‘Business Week’.

Mr Minchington will lecture on the topic ‘Employer branding and the new “world@work”’ and elaborate on the latest global trends in employer branding and what sets the world’s leading employer brands apart in their approach to employer branding. Mr Minchington will also discuss the key areas that you should focus on if you want to attract and retain a workforce that will drive organisational success during this challenging economic period.


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