Miltton welcomes Maria Wetterstrand to strengthen its service offering in sustainable affairs

Miltton Group, one of the largest communications agencies in the Nordics, introduces a new subsidiary, Miltton Purpose. Nordics’ leading sustainability expert Maria Wetterstrand will be the Managing Director and partner of Miltton Purpose with a goal to ensure that sustainability is an integrated part of Nordic companies’ leadership agenda.  Miltton Purpose is a part of Miltton’s growth strategy and continued dedication to develop its services to become the first Nordic-based world-class communications and marketing infrastructure catering for Nordic customers in particular.

“Sustainable leadership combined with strong communications is a powerful way to drive change. I believe Nordic companies’ strong industrial legacy, technological advantage together with strong sustainable thinking positions them in the forefront of change”, says Jorma Ollila, Miltton’s Chairman of the Board.

“Sustainability touches all facets of business and when done right, it helps companies to drive innovation, steer investments and develop new business opportunities. I am excited to be part of Miltton’s ambitious growth story and to ensure Nordic companies see sustainability as a core value and make sure it is an integrated part of business thinking, leadership and communications”, states Wetterstrand.

Wetterstrand has an exceptional understanding of the sustainability landscape and the challenges and opportunities Nordic companies face. Her unique understanding of the landscape stems from her background as the chair of the Swedish Green Party between 2002 and 2011 and as a member of the Swedish parliament. She has also been the vice chair of the parliamentary committee of Industry and Trade as well as the chairman of the Swedish governmental committee on Green transition and competitiveness.

“Maria Wetterstrand’s appointment and the establishment of Miltton Purpose is the next decisive step of Miltton’s expansion to the Swedish market as well as strengthening our integrated Nordic service offering. Maria is one of the best experts in the Nordics to provide new sustainability thinking and expertise to our clients,” says Fredrik Andersson, board member of Miltton Group and Managing Director of Miltton Labs.

Miltton Purpose will provide insight and consultation to Miltton Groups’ clients in the Nordics and is fully integrated into Miltton’s extensive service portfolio. Sixteen years into its founding, Miltton has followed a solid growth path: in 2016 the revenue growth was approximately 35 percent or 5.1 million euros. The revenue in total was 19.5 million euros. The operating profit also grew by 35 percent or 0.8 million euros totaling 2.7 million euros.