Miltton wins at the IPRA Golden World Awards with a PR campaign for Finnair and Helsinki Airport

The campaign Quality Hunters, Season 2 designed and produced by Miltton together with Finnair and Helsinki Airport has won the IPRA Golden World Awards for the best international PR campaign. The IPRA Golden World Awards is a worldwide competition selecting yearly the best PR campaigns in thirty different categories.

The Quality Hunters, Season 2 -campaign focused on social media with an active blog, broad campaigning on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and press activities. The quality focused Quality Hunters blog was maintained by eight quality hunters who were chosen through open applications. The intention was to gather service development ideas for Finnair and Helsinki Airport. As a result, 260 new development ideas were found of which some have already been executed. Over 2,000 eager Quality Hunters applied from over 77 countries. In addition, the Twitter reach was 10 million and the campaign gained 420 press hits, 576 blog references and over 5,500 blog comments.

More information on the IPRA Golden World Awards and Quality Hunters.