Miltton’s clients succeeded in a sustainability report competition

Wärtsilä’s sustainability report , which was designed and executed by Miltton, was awarded as the best report in the 15th annual Finnish Sustainability Report Competition , which was organised by the Confederation of Finnish Industries , Finnish Business and Society, the Association for Environmental Management, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, KHT-association and the Ministry of the Environment. All the 128 enterprises on the Helsinki stock exchange’s main list were included in the competition.

The jury thanked the ways in which security viewpoints, risks and possibilities were portrayed in the report. Also the extent of the report and the usage of examples were appreciated.

Miltton executed also the sustainability report of KONE, which was awarded with an honourable mention for its reporting on energy- and material efficiency. The report was commended for its explicit and extensive portrayal of technological innovations and products’ energy efficiency objectives.

Orion’s report was awarded as a good first report, and its layout was made by Miltton. The jury considered the report to be extensive, well balanced and exceptionally coherent.