Muxlim and Miltton Begin Co-operation

Muxlim and Miltton have started to work in close co-operation, enabling the two to offer Nordic companies completely new and targeted marketing services.

“By working together we can offer our customers a new and cost effective combination of global market analysis, public relations and marketing communications services,” says Mathias Järnström, Miltton CEO.

Founded in 2006, Muxlim started out as a social networking site for the Muslim community. The company has expanded its operations to consulting and market analysis, focused on a variety of multicultural target groups.

“Through the combined marketing and concept knowledge of the two companies, we can now for the first time reach multicultural audiences in ways that have not previously been possible for Nordic companies. It is now possible to channel, stripe and slice messages in many different ways,” continues Järnström.

Miltton already serves its customers across 20 countries globally.

International marketing has traditionally targeted a specific market, language group, country or region. The Muxlim-Miltton collaboration will enable customers and partners to reach multicultural audiences through horizontal channels.

“Muxlim is the market leader across Muslim communities in Europe and North America, which represent enormous purchasing power for Nordic companies. For example, the Muslim community in the USA is bigger than the population of Finland. UK, France & Germany are also markets with a large number of Muslim consumers”, explains Mohamed El-Fatatry, Muxlim’s founder & CEO.

Contact Miltton to find out more: or tel. 040 5500 281.