Netta Kervinen chosen as Finland’s first Eco Stylist

Netta Kervinen from Helsinki was chosen as the first Eco Stylist of Finland at Miltton’s Showroom on Saturday 21st of March 2009. Netta won the competition with her surprising “urban poetic girl” look.

The highlight of the Ethical Consumption event was the Eco Stylist finals on Saturday 21st of March 2009. Four competitors designed each one outfit out of the cloth brands that were presented during the event. The outfits reflected the ethical and ecological values of these brands.

Nina Jatuli, designer of the Nanso Lempivaate collection, attended the jury’s decision. According to her, issues that affected jury’s decision about the winner were an interesting outfit entity, a will to affect consumer’s choices and the values of the competitor which reflects the title “Eco stylist”.

– In addition to fashion, people should take into account the origin of the clothes they are buying and I want to contribute to that. In my opinion, ethical and ecological clothes can also be stylish, says Netta, who also makes the Ainokainen clothes.

Eco Stylist competition was organized in cooperation with the following ethical and ecological brands: Nanso, Plan B, Dala Leo, Secco, The Greendress, Globe Hope, Costo, nettipuoti Yalo (mm.merkit Camilla Norrback ja Sanna Hopiavuori), Cho Cho, Defender, Töölö Fashion Institute, No Bad, Gilles et Dada.