Nina Kaijasilta wins the Miltton Thesis Competition

About 40 theses were submitted to the thesis competition from different faculties and departments in universities around Finland. The jury chose Nina Kaijasilta from Aalto University School of Business as the winner of the thesis competition. The jury described the overall level of the theses in the competition as high-quality.

We believe that the theses have a lot to offer to the practices of business life and to defining the societal role of marketing communications. We want to offer graduates the chance to meet decision makers of the business world, to network and showcase their insights and viewpoints to an expert audience”, says Saara Könkkölä, consultant at Miltton.

The jury consisted of four industry experts: Taneli Hassinen (Vice President, Brand and Communications Director at SRV), Maria Mroue (Marketing and Communications Director at The Finnish Fair Corporation), Jaakko Aspara (Professor of Marketing at Aalto University School of Business) and Henri Weijo (Professor of Marketing at Bentley University).

The jury found Kaijasilta’s thesis, The Conceptualization of Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Company Pratices to Monitor, Encourace and Commit to EWOM – a Service Industry Perspective, to be strong according to all evaluation indicators. The jury evaluated all theses submitted to the competition according to their level of innovativeness, the managerial implications and the academic quality. In addition, the ten finalists were assessed based on their presentations at the final phase of the competition.

The ten finalists all received praise among the jury. “The ten finalists were a multidisciplinary group and their theses were all very different. All in all the level of the ten finalists’ theses was high”, Jaakko Aspara describes the thesis competition finalists.

The Miltton Thesis Competition 2014 will kick off during the spring

The next Thesis Competition will begin searching for new theses during the spring. All Master’s Theses (Pro Gradu) finished during 2013-2014 (October 31st 2014 the latest) can be submitted to the competition.

We think that marketing communications cannot be constricted to fit inside the frames of established practices. This is why we don’t want to restrict the viewpoint of the theses submitted to the competition. On the contrary, we want to encourage analytical and critical thinking and bold multidisciplinarity”, says Könkkölä.

The Thesis Competition 2013 finalists are:

Niko Hatakka (University of Turku, Department of Political Science): Tyytymättömien rinnakkainen tulkinta. Vaalikevään 2011 journalismin uudelleentulkinta kansanedustajiksi valittujen perussuomalaisten blogeissa ja Facebook-sivuilla.

Nina Kaijasilta (Aalto University School of Business, Department of Marketing): The Conceptualization of Electronic Word-of-Mouth and Company Pratices to Monitor, Encourace and Commit to EWOM – a Service Industry Perspective.

Joseph McVeigh (University of Helsinki, Department of Modern Languages): Apples and Oranges. A comparative analysis of blogs and marketing texts which share an audience.

Pekka Mertala (University of Oulu, Department of Educational Sciences): Leikkikalujen funktionaalisen manipulaatiopotentiaalin rakentuminen.

Mia Nousiainen (University of Eastern Finland, Department of Social Sciences): Epäluottamuksen rakentumisesta esimiehen ja alaisen välisessä suhteessa: diskurssianalyyttinen tutkimus auto- ja kuljetusalan työntekijäliiton irtisanomistapauksesta.

Niina Näsi (Aalto University School of Business, Department of Marketing): Managing and balancing individual’s alcohol consumption in the short and long run – narratives from students lived experiences.

Jaakko Pihlaja (Tampere University School of Management): Sosiaalisen asiakastiedon ulottuvuudet.

Kimmo Taiminen (University of Jyväskylä, Department of Communication): Content-oriented consumer engagement online – cognitive and affective brand effects of SME’s thematic content strategy.

Misme Yrjölä (Turku School of Economics, Department of Marketing): Teollisella alalla toimivan tietointensiivisen asiantuntijapalveluyrityksen strateginen viestintä. Case Elomatic Oy.

Maija Zitting (Turku School of Economics, Department of Marketing): “Valley co-creation” – Exploring the emergence of a cultural product in an entrepreneur-driven value network.

Nina Kaijasilta, the winner of the thesis competition, received a prize of 3 000 euros.

Additional information: Saara Könkkölä,, + 358 40 353 8398