Norvestia to invest in Miltton

The investment company Norvestia Plc, listed in the Helsinki stock exchange, is investing in Miltton. Norvestia will acquire 50% of Miltton’s shares, while the corresponding 50% will remain in the ownership of Mathias Järnström, the founder and CEO of Miltton. The goal of the transaction is to support Miltton’s development into Finland’s first internationally recognized communications agency. The investment strengthens Miltton’s position as the forerunner of its industry.

According to Norvestia, Finnish brands need a new perspective towards PR and communications in order to succeed globally. By operating in the grey area between marketing and communications, Miltton can offer Finnish companies fresh, cost-efficient ways to communicate and grow in the global market.

“In ten years, Miltton has challenged the Finnish PR industry and grown into a lead player in its field. Now it is time to build the foundations for growth for the next decade. We believe Norvestia is an excellent partner for this path,” says Mathias Järnström.

For more information:
Mathias Järnström, CEO, +358 400 738 002,