Petra Thorén appointed as Managing Director of Miltton Markets

Petra Thorén (M.Sc. Econ.) will start as the Managing Director and partner of Miltton Markets. Miltton Markets specialises in strategic financial communications and is a subsidiary of Miltton Group, the biggest communications agency group in Finland. The appointment is part of Miltton’s ambitious growth strategy and continued dedication to develop its supply of services by recruiting top professionals from different parts of society.

Petra Thorén joins Miltton from communications agency Kreab where she worked as a partner. Previously she has worked as the Senior Vice President for Investor Relations at the construction company YIT and as an Analyst for Mandatum Corporate Finance. With Petra, Miltton will gain a wide understanding of the Finnish and international capital markets and strategic financial communications both in Finland and internationally.

“I am excited to be part of Miltton’s group of top experts. Companies are under constant pressure for change and in this situation tailoring the communications approach to meet the needs of different interest groups plays a key role. At Miltton Markets, we want to take on this change by developing new thinking and new services. Strategic and innovative financial communications can bring concrete added financial value to companies for example when listings or corporate acquisitions are at stake,” says Thorén.

Johannes Schulman, the Founder of Miltton Markets will step down as the Managing Director and will become the Chairman of the Board for Miltton Markets. Schulman will also continue working closely with Miltton Markets’ operational work and giving strategic advice to Miltton’s clients.

“We’re very excited to have Petra on board. Her understanding of capital markets combined with her strong know-how in strategic communications are an important addition to Miltton’s team and to our clients. With Petra’s help we can achieve our goal of creating something new and we’ll be able to create a unique and innovative service portfolio for strategic financial communications in Finland,” says Schulman.

During its first financial year, Miltton Markets has expanded its roster of experts and services. The services have been closely integrated with the holistic and channel-independent supply of services of the whole Miltton Group.

“The most successful capital market transactions are usually brought about by an early recognition of the added financial value communications can generate. To achieve that, strategic financial communications should include integrated communications tailored for the needs of key target groups´ before and especially after the transaction. To achieve this, companies need a solid partner who has a deep understanding of capital markets and can increase financial value with strategic communications,” Thorén continues.

For more information:

Petra Thorén
Managing Director, Miltton Markets
+358 40 764 5462

Johannes Schulman
Chairman of the Board, Miltton Markets
+358 50 321 7447