Let’s do good together – Would you like to be our next pro bono client?


Corporate responsibility and concern for societal matters have always been in Miltton’s DNA. We want to contribute our expertise to help good causes move forward, give back to our communities and encourage our employees to do the same. Pro bono work is part of our social responsibility and our personnel chooses the clients we work with.

Our objective is simple: we want our clients to make an impact, to stand out and to succeed with what they do and how they engage with their stakeholders. We’ll achieve this by working closely together and sharing the same desire to innovate, challenge, and drive change. We believe that real results are made when both parties challenge each other and are ready to learn something new. We are open-minded, international and ambitious and wish for our pro bono clients to be the same.

For years, we have had the honour to work with various unique pro bono clients. During this time, we have learned, shared, rejoiced and thrived together. Our pro bono projects have ranged from long-term partnerships to small-scale and one-off campaigns. Winning awards is not what we are looking for, but often our pro bono projects have also been top-notch marketing communications.

Our recent pro bono work cases include:

  • Don’t tell Martti for the The Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), an independent Finnish organisation that works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts through informal dialogue and mediation.
  • #SPRTakeover for the Red Cross
  • #MeTahdomme for the equal marriage right movement Tahdon2013


The application process is open until October 26:

And here we are. We’re ready to start something new with the aim of continuing to integrate pro bono into all aspects of what we offer.

We are looking for 2-3 pro bono clients for 2019–2021 through open applications. The application process is open until 26 October. Please apply to probono@miltton.com.

The co-operation will, per each client, cover approximately EUR 150,000 worth of our time during that period.


When selecting our pro bono clients, we are looking at the following criteria:

  • The client will represent societal matters that reflect the priorities or interests of our employees. To ensure this, our employees will choose the top nominees from the applications.
  • We believe in open dialogue and close co-operation, which means that both parties are dedicated to work on achieving mutually set objectives. We hope to share the same vision from strategic advice to practical execution, as the co-operation will cover both.
  • We want our clients to have well thought out and clear targets and objectives that suit our expertise. The scope of work can be dedicated to specific projects or campaigns, or to an ongoing theme. Please familiarise yourself with our work and approach here. We want our partners to truly benefit from our services.


Interested? Please apply by:

  • Sending us a short and clear description of your organisation and the focus of your work. Please talk about the results you expect from us through our co-operation.
  • In addition, mention the area(s) you want Miltton to help you with and how you believe your organisation’s effectiveness will improve as a result of our co-operation.
  • Send us your application as a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation by 26 October to probono@miltton.com
  • Got a question or want more information; please contact Deputy Managing Director, Fredrik Heinonen, at fredrik.heinonen@miltton.fi


What happens next?

We will review all the applications together with our employees. After that we will invite 3–5 partners that our personnel selected to join us for a joint discussion. We will make the final decision during November. The co-operation will begin in 2019 and will last for two years.

Currently, we have offices in Helsinki, Brussels, Stockholm, Tallinn and Washington D.C as well as a worldwide network of partners. Our scale of services is broad and tailored to our clients’ needs whether they need help in the field of communications, advertising, public affairs, corporate responsibility, investor relations, management consulting, leadership trainings or VR and AR productions, just to mention a few.