Akava: Raise the rate of the Fewro

“So for me the price is higher, just because I’m a woman?” Akava’s experiment at a restaurant in Kallio took a head start on International Women’s day in 2016 and was able to rely on humour to raise awareness of an important issue.

Akava, a trade union confederation for highly educated people, wanted to rouse its members and all Finns to think of a real and persisting issue: the wage gap between women and men. The women’s euro is only 82 cents.

The aim was to concretise the issue. This is why we created the Fewro, the female euro, and used it as actual currency at a restaurant in Helsinki. The Fewro’s exchange rate is weaker than the euro: 1 F€ is equivalent to about 0,82 euros. This, of course, means that the prices for women are higher than those for men.

The confused, indignant, and amused reactions of the customers on camera turned into a viral video with 132 000 organic views, reaching over 320 000 Finns. The discussions on Twitter over the #neuro (Finnish for #fewro) reached nearly half a million users. The media picked up the campaign as well: the launch of the Fewro was reported on numerous financial media and news outlets.

“Akava had a clear goal for reaching wage equality and the courage to do something different, but a creative, nuclear idea was missing. We met with Miltton’s experts once, and soon afterwards they presented this great idea to us. Because of Miltton’s thorough planning and inspiring collaboration the idea quickly grew into the hugely popular viral video.”

– Communications director Marjo Ollikainen, Akava


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