Family Federation of Finland: Raising the subject of combining work and family into public discussion

How to combine work and family life is a common discussion in Finland, but it rarely results in family-friendly actions. Family Federation of Finland’s and its partner organisations’ Family-friendly work initiative (2014–2018) promotes family wellbeing, distributes family-friendly structures in working life and impacts society. The aim is to achieve changes in legislation and general attitudes, and to also channel them to the workplace.

When launching the campaign, the demands were expressed through positive motivation and captured in words “The best reason in the world”. Combining work and family is a win-win deal: it benefits the employee as well as the employer.

The campaign set out to create fresh and more open discussion among decision makers as well the general public. A video including a touching version of a hit-song by singer Sanni was produced to appeal to the Finns’ emotions. It explored a child’s experience on how work takes up most of the parents’ time. The video reached over 350.000 viewers in a couple of days.

The collaboration between Family Federation of Finland and Miltton also included public affairs consulting, media and appearance training, social media sparring and planning the campaign’s visual identity.

“The cornerstone of success was the emotionally engaging campaign video, which led the audience to the useful and positive informational message. The campaign’s strengths were the successful integration and timing of PA communications and creative PR.”

– Lassi Köppä, project manager, Family Federation of Finland

The campaign was followed by a fantastic concrete event in June 2015, as combining work and family was inscribed in the Finnish government programme.


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