HOAS: Customer service communication training

One substandard moment during a phone call or chat can stir up a storm on social media. This is the reality for many of those working in customer service nowadays.

Customer service personnel are on the front line of solving customers’ problems and at the receiving end of both negative and positive feedback. Service has an immense impact in keeping up and improving customer satisfaction as well as conveying the key messages of a company.

Hoas wanted to offer its customer service personnel even better tools for problem solving and difficult situations. Hoas also hoped that they would be able to communicate Hoas’s key messages effectively during every day customer interactions. With these goals in mind, Miltton designed a training session for Hoas that would concentrate on developing communication skills. The session consisted of the following elements:

  • The laws of communications
  • Tools for customer service communication
  • What is a good response – structure and key messages
  • Managing a difficult situation: principles and methods for interacting with customers
  • Customer service on social media
  • Practical exercise: customer service situation on the phone

Comments from the participants:

“Some of the best things were that the training was clearly tailored for us, it introduced numerous different ways of working, and was also somewhat light-hearted. The social media examples were very eye-opening!”

“The practical exercises were awesome. The “customer” was very realistic.”

“The concrete tools and apt examples were spot on.”


Please contact Heli Suominen for further information.

Heli Suominen
+358 40 356 2699