Issues management & crisis communication

At best, a crisis enables a company, individual or organization to achieve a positive overall impact on the brand and stakeholder relations through successful communications. Miltton’s crisis communication team has extensive knowledge of stakeholder relations, internal communications, public affairs, media relations and training, issues and crisis management as well as strategic advisory.

We have supported clients in B2C and B2B crises, from situations of industry-level restructuring to life-threatening personal harm. Thanks to the actions taken, many of these cases have not been publicly perceived as crises – some of them were not covered in the media at all.

In crises, preparation is the best defense. We help clients sharpen their crisis communications plans, train their spokespersons and simulate business-critical crisis situations.

Our hotline for crisis communication is open 24/7 every day of the year. You can reach our crisis communications consultants at +358 44 755 0755.


Please contact Erik Bäckman for further information.
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