Miltter – social media simulation

What happens, when a surprising buzz stirs up threatening the reputation and business of your company?

With Miltter, Miltton’s social media simulation tool, this can be tested in a safe environment. Miltter is a Twitter-like private platform that is used for social media simulation. We build our trainings around realistic, plausible scenarios and how they can escalate in social media.

Before the simulation, the participants will receive an effective information package about the conventions of social media and crisis communications. Afterwards, the exercises will be thoroughly reviewed in a debrief and feedback conversation. This way we make sure that the challenges experienced in the exercise will be turned to learning points and the courage and skills to act in a real situation improve. Several Finnish companies and organisations, such as Veikkaus, KONE and Alko, have utilised Miltter as a part of their communications or customer service training.


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