Miltton Academy tailors trainings to meet your aspirations

Where are your training needs in communication, collaboration and leadership? Did you know that Miltton currently has over 30 experienced and qualified trainers and coaches?

Effective communication and collaboration are key determinants of success in leadership and business. They are skills you constantly need to develop and sharpen.

To address this need, Miltton has launched Miltton Academy to provide a state-of-the-art range of trainings in communication, collaboration and leadership and to function as an umbrella for Miltton’s growing group of trainers and coaches.

Furthermore, Miltton Academy is also powered by over 200 consultants who advise our clients on a range of issues that concern communication, collaboration and leadership.

“We launched Miltton Academy to cater to our clients training needs even better. In addition to traditional consulting work, our clients increasingly want our help to improve their professional abilities so they can excel in team work, leadership and presentation skills, to name just a few notable examples of our core training themes”, says Heli Suominen, Miltton Academy’s Programme Leader.

Miltton Academy trainings range from short keynotes, to workshops and complete global programmes, where the target groups vary from new hires, to management teams and board members. We are happy to work with you in a format that suits you the best, as well as tailor the trainings to meet your individual requirements. Please see the full range of trainings here.

Interested? Please contact us for more information:

Christina Dahlblom, Managing Director, Miltton Sparks
+358 50 563 6927

Satu Irisvik, Advisor, Trainer
+358 50 367 9559