Orion: Working together

Orion launched new Working Together leadership principles for their employees in the spring of 2015. The principles include guidelines for self-leadership and leading others, which are based on the company values. The leadership principles were created as tools for all employees, not only the management. Working together sums up the Orion way of working into a clear package.

Together with Orion, Miltton designed and executed digital and printed materials that demostrate the leadership principles. The materials were designed to speak to all Orion employees both in Finland and abroad. The themes were approached from the point of view of the employees and their actual experiences. Miltton interviewed Orion employees and collected the interviews to support the leadership principles.

The Working Together materials included an extensive brochure, project roadmap posters, videos, a small notebook and a text for digital use. In addition, Orion employees got to test their working skills in a test in Finnish, English or Turku dialect. All Working Together materials were published in 2015 and shared to everyone in the organisation. Diverse communications actions received a positive reception and helped to put the leading principles into practice at Orion.


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