Stockmann: social media, locally

When a local institution renews itself, it is important to make sure the customers see it as their own also after the renewal. As was the case with Stockmann Tapiola. In the spring of 2016, #uuttastockaa campaign (referring to the word new and Stockmann’s nickname Stocka) designed for Stockmann invited their regular customers to develop their renewing neighborhood department store together with Stockmann.

The campaign was executed in three parts on Stockmann’s Facebook page. Contents directed to users living in Espoo invited the customers of the Tapiola department store to envision the Stocka of their dreams, virtual department store experiences of the future and think about how experiences could be developed in the different departments of the store. Following the Stockmann strategy, the campaign themes focused on developing the store experience, fashion and beauty as well as Delicatessen and home departments.

The most active participants in the social media discussions were invited to workshops facilitated by Miltton in Tapiola. In the workshops, the customers and the Stockmann employees dived deeper into the discussions around the themes brought up online and created new, innovative service solutions for Stockmann.

Social media conversations attracted hundreds of Tapiola department store customers to share ideas. All in all, the campaign reached almost 600,000 Finns and gained over a million views on Facebook. During the campaign, Stockmann collected a high number of concrete development ideas and long-term visions. The first ideas have already been put into practice. The new Stockmann Tapiola will be opened in March 2017.


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