The power of crowdfunding – from prototype to global markets

Loupedeck Ltd recently completed its crowdfunding campaign and has successfully exceeded its target. Miltton helped Loupedeck raise over EUR 366,000; a figure 488% above the minimum fixed set target of EUR 75,000. The funds raised will help Loupedeck further implement its technical and logistical preparations for a summer 2017 release of its photo editing console to the global marketplace.

The funding was executed through the Indiegogo crowdfunding portal. Loupedeck™, a groundbreaking new console device, designed to radically improve the photo editing processes for people using Adobe Lightroom™, was funded by 1,436 enthusiastic backers who joined Loupedeck on its future journey to make the photo editing process easier, more efficient and more rewarding.

In order to attract backers, Miltton was responsible for the planning and executing of communications related to the crowdfunding campaign for Loupedeck Ltd. This included the writing of the entire product and technical story for potential backers on the Indiegogo portal and coordinating press work with local agencies in Germany, the UK and the US to further highlight Loupedeck’s story to the international photography specific media. Furthermore, Miltton was involved in the creation of the visual look of the material on the Indiegogo site, the visual and textual look of a standalone website and the implementation of extensive social media activity across multiple channels.

These factors combined to help Loupedeck’s campaign to attract considerable interest, with over 150 international press ‘clippings’ being generated during the month-long crowdfunding campaign and with backers for the console ultimately coming from over 60 countries. The net result was that Loupedeck was able to both reach and then considerably exceed its financial target.

Overall, Miltton acted as a strategic advisor to Loupedeck’s core team, from the inception of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign until the early December, 2016 completion. Furthermore, Miltton’s collaboration with Loupedeck Ltd will continue through 2017 as the console enters global markets.–4#/

For further information, please contact Maya Sviberg-Järnström:

maya.sviberg (at)
+358 40 556 6686