Vapo: Materiality analysis, corporate responsibility training and developing GRI reporting

Responsibility is the foundation of Vapo’s business. The company aims to develop its CR reporting and communications, so that stakeholders are able to get a complete view of the impacts and progress of Vapo’s operations.

Miltton has participated in several ways in the development of Vapo’s CR reporting and communications. Since 2015 the cooperation has included:

  • Corporate responsibility training, in which together with Vapo’s reporting team we took a closer look at reporting guidelines and ways to apply them. In addition, the training focused more widely on trends in CR reporting and how to develop CR communications.
  • The planning and execution of a materiality analysis. The work included interviews with Vapo’s key stakeholders and staff, examining their views on the essential themes of corporate responsibility. The most important themes from a business perspective were determined in the company’s internal workshops. The results of the materiality analysis will be used in developing reporting and communications.
  • Recognising material reporting content and the material GRI indicators together with Vapo as well as analysing and developing present reporting content.

Vapo publishes its Annual Report and Corporate Responsibility Report in July.


Please contact Susanna Saikkonen for further information.
+358 40 507 3882