Survey: demographics and environmental issues will change Finns’ lives in the future

We asked a thousand Finns aged 15-70 what they think will be the biggest change factors in Finnish everyday life during the coming ten years. The survey was conducted in a statistically representative online panel by the research service provider Cint.

The biggest change drivers in 2023: demographics, the environment and the economy

During the next decade, a quarter (25%) of all Finns believe that population structure will cause the biggest changes in everyday life, through ageing and immigration. The respondents believe the impact will show up in financing pensions, caring for the elderly and in a general failure of society to prepare for an ageing population.

Changes in the environment and in natural resources are seen as the second strongest change driver – 15% of the respondents expect considerable price increases in energy and food, and natural disasters which global economic impacts before 2023. Changes in the economy are seen as an equally strong change driver.

Only 5% of all respondents see Finnish politics as the biggest change driver during the coming decade.

The youngest see technology as the strongest change driver in 2023

There are big age differences in the responses: the youngest (aged 15-22) see advances in science and technology as by far the biggest cause for change in everyday life in 2023 (23% of respondents aged 15-22). In the entire population, only 12% see science and technology as the strongest change driver.

A positive picture of Finland in 2023

Demographics, environmental issues and the economy are all expected to bring challenging changes to everyday life by the year 2023. Among the replies there are however also a number of positive future expectations for Finland in ten years’ time:

  • The economy finds a new base in the service sector
  • New growing and successful businesses are born in big numbers
  • Society is prepared and reacting to environmental change, with more nature-oriented values
  • New working, living and caring solutions have been developed for the ageing population


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